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Product Description: A ready to use blend of selected sand, cement and additives formulated for fixing wooden, concrete and metal posts. With just the addition of water and with no mixing required; Postcrete sets in 10 minutes and comes in handy 20kg weatherproof, tear resistant plastic bags.

Storage: Postcrete is a cement based material and should be handled and stored with care. This product may be stored, unopened in either indoor or outdoor conditions. Information on the maximum storage period can be found on the bag.

Health and Safety: Contact between Postcrete and bodily fluids (e.g. sweat and eye fluids) may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. Cement is classified as an irritant under the chemicals (Hazard information and packaging) regulations.

Customer Testimonials

"Postcrete is an excellent product, I just set the post where I wanted it, added the water and powder and that was it!! As well as being a hassle free job I got the added bonus of no tools to clean"
Dgries 2012

"I have been wanting to put a fence up for ages but didn’t have the confidence. After being recommended this product there was no stopping me. It was so easy to use and the instructions were spot-on"



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